Is Your Ram 1500 Ready For Winter?


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We've still got a few more months of the cold weather to go, and we want to make sure you're as comfortable and warm this season as possible! Keep these winter-friendly features in mind when shopping for a new Ram 1500 truck to buy or lease.

Leather-wrapped or heated steering wheel: not only does a leather-wrapped steering wheel add a nice touch to your Ram 1500's cabin, but it also makes your winter-time commute a little warmer. Want the option of going gloveless in the winter, even on the coldest days? Then opt for the optional heated steering wheel! You'll love the warmth and the added steering control you'll get once you don't have to wear bulky gloves.

Heated seats: the heated steering wheel is one of the more luxe features, but if getting a top-level Ram 1500 trim isn't in your budget, consider going with the heated seats. They warm up quickly and will ensure your backside won't go numb on those long drives when the temps dip below freezing. Higher trims can get heating for back seat passengers as well.

Heated mirrors: mirrors are an important part of the vehicle, but they can be easily overlooked. With heated mirrors you'll be able to see better in the winter and can get on the road much faster.

All-weather floor mats: Ram 1500 cabins are known for their style, and a quick way to have your interior looking messy is by tracking in snow, slush, and salt. All weather floor mats are easy to remove and clean off! Another benefit is that you can get the moisture out of your car more easily with all-weather floor mats, and that moisture can cause your car to fog up on the inside, which is hard to remove.

For more information on making your Ram 1500 more comfortable for the winter, visit our Torrington CT dealership this week! You can also bring your Ram 1500 into our service center in case you weren't able to take care of any winterizing services during the busy holiday season.

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