Jeep News: 2018 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts Released!

For Jeep enthusiasts, April represents an exciting time of year: Easter. Regardless of religious affiliation, Easter marks the beginning of the annual Easter Jeep Safari, where off-road hobbyists gather from hundreds of miles around to navigate the demanding trails of Moab, Utah. During this event, Mopar® (an affiliate company of Jeep) builds official concept vehicles for the event, showcasing technology and innovations from within Jeep's ranks. This year, seven exceptional concepts have been revealed by Jeep for the upcoming Easter Jeep Safari.

Jeep B-Ute

An off-road optimized version of the Jeep Renegade, the B-Ute features a lift, some slight body modifications, a roof rack, and some rock rails. However, as the Renegade itself isn't exactly designed for maximal off-road performance, the B-Ute isn't necessarily the most capable of the concept lineup vehicles--especially with the stock 2.4-liter four cylinder engine from the Trailhawk variant of the Renegade equipped.

Jeep J-Wagon

Essentially a beefed-up version of the recent Wrangler JL, the J-Wagon features catalogue-available pieces configured to deliver a blacked-out, brass-accented four-door Wrangler with a snorkel. The J-Wagon seeks to prove that off-road capability and aesthetic civility are capable from the factory.

Jeep 4Speed

With superior departure and approach angles, two-inches of additional height and massive weight savings by incorporating carbon fiber and aluminum, the Jeep 4Speed concept is a lightweight off-road trail-crusher.

Jeep Jeepster

A retro-painted, fastback-roofed Wrangler, the Jeepster features beadlocked wheels, 37-inch tires, and off-road LED lighting.

Jeep Sandstorm

Channeling Baja racing, the Sandstorm combines the performance pieces of a specialty vehicle with the practicality of a daily driver. Featuring Dynatrac 60 axles and a performance suspension in conjunction with a 6.4-liter HEMI®, the Sandstorm will blow past the competition with dust billowing behind.

Nacho Jeep

Featuring almost every performance part available from Jeep, the Nacho is a two-door Wrangler optimized for off-road performance. It's also yellow, as you may have gathered from the name.

Jeep Wagoneer Roadtrip

The classic Wagoneer gets a revival, featuring vintage-style interior design and an upgraded, durable suspension and drivetrain. With a mint-green paint, this Wagoneer is sure to capture the hearts of thousands of Jeep purists nationwide.

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