2019 Ram 1500: The Warrior's Choice

We all know from the January reveal that the 2019 RAM is more powerful than ever, but Dodge's latest series of videos hammers home that it's next level.

The new 2019 Ram 1500 isn't just tough, it's Viking tough. It's Medieval warfare tough. What else has enough horsepower to haul a Viking longship, enough payload to carry a party of well-fed warriors, and handling so good you can tear through a muddy battlefield? Take a look:

The new Dodge boasts a stronger yet lighter high-strength steel frame and a new 4x4 Off-Road package, so it's shaping up to impressive, heavy-duty machine, both on and off the road. With a payload of over a ton and towing capacity nearly six times that, there's not much this new Ram won't be able to do.

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